NEW MUSIC: Beyonce – Bow Down/I Been On

Beyonce - Bow Down Cover


The Internet has been in overdrive with the news of Beyonce’s new song(s) Bow Down/I Been On.

Bow Down was produced by Hit-Boy and I Been On was apparently produced by none other than Timbaland himself.

The Former  is a fierce, pulsating track telling all of her doubters and detractors to simply bow down as she is #1 in the game and has been for a while. The track even has Beyonce swearing which if I’m not correct might be a first. As for the latter it seems to be a chopped & screwed spoken word type which I can’t quite get my head around.

Now the reaction to the tunes have been at polar opposites to say the least with people either totally in love with or people wondering just what on God’s green Earth Beyonce is playing at.

Me myself am not totally blown away by the new music especially with I Been On, I just don’t get that one at all to be frank. However with a few more listen’s of Bow Down I do expect the people who initially disliked it to come around in typical fashion.

It’s good that Beyonce is trying new sounds and continually looking to push the envelope which should be hallmarks of all great Musicians & Entertainers however to say whether or not this will work for her is not a given.

However she has got one thing right and probably the only thing she wanted for now which was for everybody to be talking about the track in the first place!

Have a listen:


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