Bloc Party – Ratchet

I have FIFA 14 to thank for this here monster tune from Bloc Party.

Ratchet is the name and don’t let the name fool you, it is by no means ‘ratchet’ in its sound.

A combination of everything good about Bloc Party, then throw in some Reggae/Ska/2 Tone, Dub, Funk & late 70’s/early 80’s Punk and you have Ratchet.

The lead singer Kele channeled his inner Joe Strummer  on the vocal and kills the track dead.

This is my favourite tune at the moment, been on repeat and blasted to egregious levels around the house. It does make you want to act like a fool and get ratchet.

As well as serving on this year’s FIFA Soundtrack, it is also a single off of their brand new EP: The Nextwave Sessions already out in stores.

Seriously EA should get some sort of award for the bangers they always manage to get on every game!

Have a listen:


Also have a goosey at the video:



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